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Find out what it’s like to work at the Memory Assessment Service and the roles we are most frequently recruiting for. You can see all our current vacancies on the Here website jobs page.

Patient Care Advisors

Patient Care Advisors – sometimes referred to as PCAs – are the first people patients and their loved ones are likely to have contact with at the Memory Assessment Service. They’re the people who pick up the phone, booking appointments, and the people posting out important letters.

Typically the work involves:

  • Managing referrals to our service – speaking with GPs across Brighton and Hove to make sure each referral happens quickly and efficiently
  • Supporting the wider service by ensuring that all relevant paperwork and information is shared in an accurate and timely way
  • Booking appointments with our team of clinicians and Memory Support Workers
  • Sharing invitations to Peer Support Group events
  • Helping patients and loved ones connect with our team to talk about diagnosis or care planning
  • Sending reminders about review appointments – for example medication reviews
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It’s a lovely environment to be in. It’s the first job working in care and looking after people where I am happy to be in the office and know I am making a difference.

Jamie, Patient Care Advisor

Memory Support Workers

When people are first referred to the Memory Assessment Service, they are allocated a named Memory Support Worker who is there to support them throughout their journey in the service. Memory Support Workers are the single point of contact for any queries or concerns people have and help you or your loved ones get the right support. Memory Support Workers will also provide formal care planning for people who receive a diagnosis of dementia and be your named worker as the service supports people for life.

Typically the work involves:

  • Supporting people through their referral, assessment and beyond for as long as they need to be with our service
  • Find out what it important to people and making sure our service listens to that
  • Help people to access the right support and appointments within the service
  • Be available to people on an ad hoc basis
  • Host and attend our regular local peer support groups
  • Help people find the most relevant advice and support from elsewhere
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The fact that people have a named memory support worker - one person that they can contact at any time through their journey with us -helps us to build up those relationships with people, which I think is really important.

Sam, Lead Memory Support Worker

Specialist Nurses

The specialist nurses take the lead with people’s clinical care in our service delivering a large part of the clinical pathway, including assessment, diagnosis and medication reviews. Our nurses have a wealth of knowledge and experience in cognitive issues, dementia and mental health. The whole nursing team is supported by a team of doctors including consultant psychiatrists and GPwER who have considerable experience and knowledge in dementia diagnosis and treatment.

Typically the work involves:

  • Undertaking an in depth and holistic assessment including specialist cognitive testing and analysis
  • Consulting the wider clinical team of doctors to form a diagnosis
  • Talking to people about the outcome of their memory assessment
  • Talk to people about the clinical options available to them if their assessment leads to a diagnosis of dementia
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It's about making the experience of assessment as relaxed and informal as we can, and always being mindful that it's a really difficult and stressful time for people and trying to be as supportive as I can.

Alison, Lead Specialist Nurse

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You can see all our current vacancies on the Here website jobs page

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