Patient Care

A photograph of one of our Patient Care Advisors on the phone

From the moment you are referred to us, our team of Patient Care Advisors are here to help you get the appointments and information you need through your journey with the Memory Assessment Service.


Who are Patient Care Advisors?

Patient Care Advisors – sometimes referred to as PCAs – are the first people you and your loved ones are likely to have contact with at the Memory Assessment Service. They’re the people who pick up the phone when you ring, book appointments and who post our letters to you. They also work behind the scenes to keep the service running smoothly offering you clinical help and practical support, as well as supporting the whole team in the service.


What Patient Care Advisors do

Through your journey with the Memory Assessment Service, you’ll hear from Patient Care Advisors on the telephone, by email or by letter about:

  • Booking your appointments with our team of clinicians and Memory Support Workers
  • Helping you connect with the right member of our team, to discuss your needs, queries or concerns
  • Answering some non-clinical queries
  • Corresponding with your GP

I always treat the people I’m speaking with in the same way that I’d want my parents or grandparents to be treated if they were calling in for help and information.

Jamie, Patient Care Advisor

How to contact a Patient Care Advisor

You are encouraged to contact our team of Patient Care Advisors by phone (or email if you prefer) to ask about any questions or requests you may have abouts your appointments, your care or any other aspects of our service. They will help you get the information or appointment you need.

Our phone number is 0300 555 0175 and our email address is


What else do Patient Care Advisors do?

Patient Care Advisors are also the people who manage referrals to our service. They speak with GPs across Brighton and Hove, making sure that each referral happens as quickly and efficiently as possible. This team also supports the rest of the service, ensuring that all relevant paperwork and information is shared accurately and in a timely way between you, us, your GP and any other partner organisations that need to be included – for example, The Carers Centre.

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