Making a referral
to the Memory
Assessment Service

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Most users of the Brighton and Hove Memory Assessment Service are referred to us by their GP.

If you are a GP with a patient who is aged 55 or over and experiencing cognitive problems, you can refer a patient to us with this form.

Download referral form


What we need from you

It is helpful to have as much information from you as possible about the situation of your patient. We’d like to hear about:

  • Duration and pace of onset
  • Change in function – how any cognitive changes are impacting on a person’s daily living, for example their ability to use tech, socialise, communicate, ability to completing tasks such as cooking and driving
  • Changes in personality
  • Collateral history whenever possible

To handle referrals as effectively as possible, please complete the following activities with your patient.

Blood tests

Test your patient’s blood for:

  • liver function
  • calcium
  • kidney function
  • thyroid function
  • haemoglobin A1c
  • vitamin B12 and folate levels

Blood results used for assessment should be no longer than six months old.

GPCOG screening test

Go through the GPCOG screening test with your patient. The test form can be downloaded from here:

Download GPCOG screening test

Check social and family support

Help us understand what kind of social and family support your patient has. Please find out who is next of kin, and who if anyone is their carer, and provide contact details.

Need for home visit or extra support

It’s helpful if you can let us know whether the person will need a home visit and whether they have any accessibility needs, sensory impairment needs, or a need for an interpreter. Knowing about these things at the point of referral means we can personalise the delivery of our service. We provide home visits to people who are frail, housebound or have carer responsibilities that make attending appointments difficult.

Any questions

If you have questions around referring to the Memory Assessment Service, please contact the team.