We want everyone to be able to access our website and the information and resources we provide here.

To help with this we have designed the website using international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that have been created to help make web content accessible.

We have complied with guidelines to at least AA standard.

Ways we make our website accessible

  • We’ve designed the pages to be accessible to text reading software.
  • The colour combinations we use in design and illustrations support readability.
  • We’ve added audio voiceovers to videos anywhere that text is used to introduce people and themes.
  • We’ve added captioning to all our videos.
  • We’ve provided a transcript of our videos.
  • Any information in a picture or video is also covered in text on the same page.
  • We use text as well as icons in navigation tools such as buttons and menu items.
  • We have used descriptive alt text labels and given image files readable and relevant names.
  • The website is operable through a keyboard interface.
  • We have added a “breadcrumb” link at the top of each page to aid navigation.
  • We use descriptive labels for pages and headings.
  • Our language is simple and consistent – and we have created a Jargon buster page for reference.


Can we improve?

Please let us know if we can make our site more accessible to you. We want everyone to use the site without barriers.

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