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Photography of our lead Memory Support Worker speaking with Tom and Malcolm at a peer support group

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What is the Memory Assessment Service?

We are more than an assessment service. We offer both clinical care and social support to those people who are diagnosed with dementia.

We help people who are experiencing problems with their memory to find out what’s going on, and to access the right treatment and support.

Signs of dementia

Memory problems affect many people for lots of different reasons. They are a common symptom of dementia, but not everyone who has memory problems has dementia.

It is important to assess the cause of memory problems, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms such as changes to the way you read, write or speak, alterations in personality and behaviour, or audio and visual hallucinations.

Our approach

We understand what a worrying time it can be when you or someone you love begins to experience memory issues.

Our service is designed around what matters most to those seeking support and treatment.

We understand that medical appointments and diagnosis are only a part of the picture. That’s why the Memory Assessment Service helps you to navigate all the ups and downs of adapting to new circumstances.

That includes help to get the right support and information, opportunities to meet others who are having similar experiences and a named point of contact for you to call when you need to.

What to expect
Photo of Tom and Malcom telling their story

There was no sense of discrimination, no whispering when we went into the room. That's been very, very reassuring. I'm sure that anybody else would find it the same way.

Tom and Malcolm's story
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Who are we?

We are a team of specialist nurses, doctors, consultants, support workers and patient care advisers. We coordinate to provide high-quality, personalised care that adapts to what matters for every person who needs our service.

Meet the team
Photo of Clinical Team at MDT session

Who runs the service?

The Memory Assessment Service is operated by Here in partnership with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust with the Brighton & Hove Carers Centre.

Here is an employee-owned social enterprise that has provided NHS services in Brighton & Hove since 2007, and now works across Sussex and in other areas of the UK.

Our performance